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Sales Team

Timothy Lam
Timothy Lam – Managing Broker

Tim has been in real estate for over 15 years – starting his career as an investor, Tim became a developer that specialized in condominium conversions and multi-family acquisitions. Through the ever changing real estate market, Tim had to adjust the direction of his business during the Real Estate crisis and founded Empire Realty Group in 2007. Now he’s focused on providing his 15 years of knowledge and experience to all of Empire Realty’s clients.

With his experience combined with the fact of being raised as a native of Atlanta GA — You won’t be able to find anyone better equipped at handling your real estate needs. Tim has bought and sold over $100M in real estate in Georgia alone and has handled everything from residential property management to commercial land development — Tim is here to help you get the results you require.

Claire Wyrembelski
Claire Wyrembelski – Residential Sales/Commercial Tenant Placement/Commercial Sales

While fresh on the real estate scene, Claire has resided in Metro Atlanta Area for over 25 years. She applies a winning combination of genuine interest and meticulous care, ensuring her client’s needs are met from “Hello” to “Congratulations!”. Always interested in helping others, she brings a well-versed, yet millennial perspective to neighborhood and property analysis.
Looking for that big yard for your dog? Claire’s your agent! Just expanded your family and extra space is a must have? Look no further!
Claire is sure to meet your real estate needs, possibly even the ones you didn’t know you had.

Ben Wang
Ben Wang – Residential Sales/Commercial Tenant Placement

Ben is a real estate agent, who consults prospective home buyers, investors, and sellers, on finding exactly what they are looking for in this fast paced, high tech real estate atmosphere of today.
Before starting real estate, Ben worked many years as a sales consultant helping clients find their dream adventure camper. After a successful career of making dreams come true and educating first time campers on the ins and outs of the camping world, Ben is now using this experience and translating it to engage in the permanent home theater. Ben always puts the client’s interest first and is always willing to educate and provide guidance.
Ben enjoys cycling and marksmanship.
Ben is available for your questions and concerns.